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Folding Crutch Chair

Folding Crutch Chair

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  • Made of strong and lightweight aluminum material
  • Seat is sturdy and has anti-shock slip
  • Tips are covered with rubber to protect carpet from scratches
  • Automatic joint unlocking: automatic unlocking for easy folding
  • Automatic joint safety lock: ensuring the stability of the foot
  • Three- piece chair surface design: automatic adjustment of the angle of the chair and prevention of pinch design
  • Screws and rivets: double locking and wear- design, no need to worry about loose or wear



Material: polypropylene, nylon, aluminum alloy, stainless steel, rubber
Walking stick length: 85CM
4. Seat height: 51cm
5. Weight: 0.98kg
6. Size: 85 * 13.5 * 9cm
7. Bearing capacity: About 100kg

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