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Nightstand Charging Lamp

Nightstand Charging Lamp

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• Night Stand Lamp with USB Port and AC Outlet: This bedside table lamp can stably maintain a 5V 2.1A output and provides a one-stop comprehensive charging service for your phone, tablet, watch, and other electronic devices.

• Built-in dual USB charging ports (5V/2A) on the lamp base: Conveniently charge two devices at once.

• Handcrafted modern bedside lamp base made of solid wood: Restores the original wood texture, has a polished surface with no barbs, and prolongs the durability of the lamp. The foam padded base also protects your desk surface from scratches.

• Gentle on the Eyes: The desk lamp gives off a soft, flicker-free glow, making it easy for your eyes to adjust to the light for reading, working, and studying.

• Multi-functional and multipurpose: This lamp serves as a desk lamp, socket, and intelligent USB charging port with a stable current for fast charging.

• Three Safe Outlet Power Socket: Charge your laptops, printers, speakers, and more with these outlets.

• Compact and generous table design: Fits any size table or desk, and is small enough to be used as a bedside, office, or nightstand table lamp.

• Independent switch: The USB/outlet ports can be used regardless of whether the lamp is on or off.



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