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Electric Vacuum Sealer

Electric Vacuum Sealer

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  • You can keep the freshness of fruits, nuts, meat, sweets and vegetables, preventing their oxidation and weathering.
  • Significantly save space in the freezer when stocking vegetables and fruits in season!
  • Perfectly keep meat, meat and fish products in the freezer without accumulating excess moisture in the product!
  • After defrosting, the product will not lose its taste, and during storage it will not be saturated with the smell of the surrounding products!
  • Instant operation separated buttons (for sealing and vacuum) design with LED indicator ensures hands-free and efficient operation.
  •  The food vacuum/packer removes the air and seals the food very quickly, so that it retains its freshness and nutrients for a long time. You will understand that it was precisely such an assistant that you sorely lacked in everyday life before.
  • Vacuum sealer will be a great gift for every housewife, is an indispensable thing in the kitchen, at home, in the country. If you need to keep food fresh longer or save space, then you can't do without it.



Supply voltage: AC 100-240v / 50-60Hz
Working pressure: -60 kPa
Rated power: 90W
Material: ABS
Heating wire: Nickel-chromium alloy wire
Vacuum sealer is both a packer and a sealer, a sealer of bags at the same time
Vacuum sealer, vacuum bags 10 pcs.



To get the best vacuum sealing effect, please do not put TOO MUCH FOOD IN THE VACUUM BAG (NO MORE THAN 3/4 OF THE MAXIMUM VOLUME)!

The vacuum bag must be installed with the smooth side up!

-After turning it on, wait 30 seconds and then use it. After each vacuuming, the vacuumer should rest for 1 to 2 minutes before starting a new approach, so as not to overheat the vacuumer!

-Do not wet the open end of the bag, wet bags are difficult to melt!

-Cleaning and care - wipe with a damp cloth or sponge, dry thoroughly before use!

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