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Stickable Soap Dish With Cover

Stickable Soap Dish With Cover

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  • Wide array of usage: Soap Holder For Shower, Bathroom, Bathtub, Kitchen-sink, bathroom-sink, Washbasin, etc.
  • Flip lid design, blocks water and dust, keeps soap dry and clean. Say goodbye to a damp and pasty soap!
  • Soap is placed accordingly, so the soap holder does not need to protrude much from the wall, avoiding the dilemma of bumping it often.
  • Standard size, suitable for most soap.
  • Soap tray with drainage, and can be detached for cleaning.
  • Easy to install, no drilling, no screws, no tools. Just clean and dry the wall, and you're done in minutes.


Shape: RectangularDimensions: 4.7"L x 3.9"W


Package Inclusion:

1soap dish
2 bottom hooks
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