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Cinema Projector Screen

Cinema Projector Screen

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  • Portable & Mobile Projection - Ultra light and compact free-standing projection screen, which designed for portable tabletop projection. The perfect Projector Pal for traveling, camping, business presentations, school meetings, and on the go use
  • Premium Viewing - The max white fabric screen features a multi-layer fabric with 1.1 gain to enhance your viewing experience. Compatible with 4K, 3D projection with smooth surface, the all-black back reduces light penetration for sharp image
  • Retractable & Compact Design - The projection screen can be easily pulled out from its compact aluminum case and set up or retract in seconds. You can put the projection screen into the carrying case in seconds for convenient transportation
  • Hassle-free Setup - Just pull up the screen and hang it on the pole to start projection; no need to drill on the wall; the rotating stand feet give your screen extra security and stability
  • Versatile Placement - place the screen on any apartment surface or table - the perfect solution for camping movie nights, indoor movie nights, school meetings and business presentations in the classroom or office
  • Portable & Mobile Projection- Ultra-light and compact free-standing projection screen designed for portable tabletop projection; the perfect projector pal for traveling, camping, business presentations, school meetings, and on the go.
  • Bright Viewing Experience- The ALR screen provides 6x gain than the white wall and 3x than traditional white fabric screen in complex ambient light environments; level up your viewing experience 6 times with the same projector.
  • 85% Rejecting Ambient Light- ALR portable projector screen absorbs 95% ambient light and effectively rejects 85% ambient light, allowing you to enjoy your projector any time of the day, without the hassle of darkening your curtain.
  • 4K Display Supported- ALR portable projector screen applies advanced PET material which gets rid of the rough texture; perfect for 4K projection, 3D projection, without details loss compared to the white wall or white fabric texture.
  • Latest Advanced Material- Applying the latest ALFA advanced technology with a 7-layer optics precision structure, which draws experience from Semiconductor technology, providing a vivid, faithful, and uniform brightness image projection.



72" inches: 69.25 x 5.25 x 4.4 inches

Weight: 11.08 pounds

Mounting Type: Table Top or Floor Mount


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