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Levitating Shoe Display

Levitating Shoe Display

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  • Latest Design. Electromagnetic suspension technology that is capable of rotating a 360°display. You can control the smart LED light via the remote control, and choose 16 beautiful light colors. Built-in color changing LED light. Includes remote so you can set a fixed color you like, or you can choose a dynamic light mode, which is very beautiful like a rainbow. An awesome high-tech gadget that people of all ages will enjoy.

  • Premium Material. Comprised of Eco-friendly acrylic which is both durable and beautiful.

  • Perfect Display. The floating display stand perfect for sneakers, basketball shoe, high heels and non-metallic collectibles in commercial display, such as corporate exhibitions, press conferences.

  • Easy to Control. The maximum suspended load of our shoe rack is 500-700g. Even if your shoe is only 350g, you can increase its weight through the balls in our package to make it suspend normally.

  • Quiet and Smooth: This magnetic levitation display stand runs quietly and won't affect your video shooting or sleeping. Which is very nice if you decide to use it to display a product or beloved shoes at an event.



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