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Ear-A-Mazing Cleaner

Ear-A-Mazing Cleaner

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The safest and easiest way to clean your family's ears and remove earwax!

This earbuds with LED and switch for easy operation is hygienic, safe and secure, do not scratch the baby's skin.


  • REMOVE EAR WAX EASY: This beautifully designed ear wax remover has a strong LED light with 3 different tips for all wax removal. Easy to see Easy to clean
  • EAR WAX REMOVAL TOOL: Designed for kids and adults, remove wax easy fast and clean with a fun remover for kids SAFE: These bright colored ear wax tools are completely safe to use as long as it isn’t inserted too deep within the ear canal.
  • CLEAN: No more messy qtips and cotton balls, ear wax removal tool for kids is a clean alternative to getting out ALL of the wax in kids and adults
  • EFFECTIVE: Get ALL the wax out every time. No more lingering wax and discomfort. The tools have very effective tips to get all the wax out the first time every time.


Item Type: Baby Ear Spoon

Color: pink, orange

Material: ABS

Weight: 50g

Package Included:

1 x ear spoon

1 x ear tweezers
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