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Quick-Squeeze Juicer

Quick-Squeeze Juicer

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  • Premium Aluminum -Made of high-quality aluminum and protected coating, it is secure and reliable. There is no need to worry about it rusting during use. The aluminum alloy on the surface of the juicer is not in direct contact with the fruit, which preserves the original flavor of the juice to the maximum extent and is healthy and worry-free.
  • Space Saver - This manual juicer is compact and saves a lot of space. The portable size and weight make it more convenient to use. You can enjoy fresh juice at any time at home, office, camping, picnic, etc.
  • Easy to Use -our manual juicer is very easy to use. You just need to cut the fruit into pieces and squeeze them with a juicer. V-shaped juice outlet makes it easy to pour the juice into a glass or other container. The non-slip handle provides a comfortable and stable grip, easy to grip and compress, even children and the elderly can use it easily. Take every drop from your fruit, and your juice will not have seeds.
  • Easy to Clean -The structure of the manual juicer is very simple, and the parts are removable for easy cleaning. The aluminum manual juicer does not require complicated cleaning procedures. Do not wash in the dishwasher, wash by hand, rinse and dry after each use to extend the use time.
  • Advantages -Compared with bulky juicers, our manual juicers are easy to use and easy to store. No longer worry about electricity or battery issues, or need more space for storage and make your kitchen seem crowded. And our manual juicer has no noise in the process of use.


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