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Sealing Clips

Sealing Clips

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  • Environment-Friendly Material: Food grade PP material is durable, Environmentally friendly and healthy, Very suitable for sealing and storing snacks, Candies, Grains, Etc. Gentle colors and compact body make it easier to carry, Suitable for various occasions such as kitchens, Dormitories, and living rooms.
  • Easy Assembly: Easily install it on any plastic bag or paper bag, Clamp it, and immediately turn it into a bottle or jar. Then you only need to open the lid to easily store and dump food.
  • Sealing Without Leakage: The perfect sealing effect will not leak air, and food can be stored for more days without losing its crispness and freshness! There is no need to remove the sealing clip when in use, just open the large-caliber lid on the top to easily pour out the food, Which is really convenient and easy to use.
  • Widely Used: Plastic sealing clips with large-caliber nozzles are convenient for you to pour food, Such as snacks, Candy, Small potato chips, Corn flakes, popcorn, Chocolate, Nuts, Etc.), Dog food, Coffee beans, cereals, Oatmeal , Pasta, Flour, Spices and seasonings and many others.
  • Easy to clean: Ordinary cleaning is sufficient, and it can be reused.



Item type: Bag Clip
Material: PP
Color: Gray/White/Blue/Green
Size (Approx): 12.5*5.5*4.5cm

Package Included:
3* Bag Clip

(Note: Pay special attention to its nozzle diameter = 2 inches, if the food is too large, it may get stuck.)

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